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Shibuya Itinerary

Shibuya Itinerary

The city of Shibuya is one of the famous spots in Tokyo. Shibuya is not a large city, so around half a day is all you need. But there are many attractive spots if you visit Shibuya for the first time, So I suggest this itinerary.

11am Shibuya station

11:05 Hachiko statue


When you get off Shibuya station Hachiko Exit, you will see the Hachiko statue.


11:15 Scramble crossing


This is a famous intersection. You will be amazed by the size of the crowd.

11:30 Magnet

Magnet is a shopping building next to Shibuya crossing. There is an observatory called the “Crossing View “. You can look down the crossing. It is the best spot to take photos.

Shop: Magnet by Shibuya 109

Location:1-23-10,Jinnan, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo

Open hour: 10Am-9PM (Due to coronavirus, operating hour is 11 AM-8PM for the time being)

↓ 12:00 lunch


There are many different types of food in Shibuya. It might be hard to choose what you want to eat. In that case, feel free to ask us anytime.

1pm shopping There are a lot of shopping spots. You will get limited souvenirs and typical japanese souvenirs.

How to spend rainy day in Shibuya

When the weather is rainy, that's fine. Shibuya still has many things to do.


12:00 Shibuya station



There are many museums in Shibuya. It is not large, but they hold unique exhibitions. If you like art and architecture, you should have a visit. I recommend The Bunkamura Museum of Art. They organize varieties of art exhibitions, from modern art to Western art. The art exhibition is worth seeing. The Bunkamura Museum of Art is connected directly to the Tokyu department store, so you don't get wet with rain and convenience.


Shop: The Bunkamura Museum of Art

Location:2-24-1, Dougenzasa,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo

Open hour:10AM-6PM(depend on exhibition)

Price: depends on exhibition

↓ 3:30pm animal cafe

You can touch and play with animals while having a drink. You would become so relaxed and calm.

5pm shopping