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Shibuya Shopping

Shibuya shopping spot

Shibuya is one of the most popular shopping spots in Tokyo. The place is always busy with many people, and there are several shopping malls, department stores, and complex facilities. Shibuya is often called the youth town, but there are long-standing stores with fashionable areas people of all ages would enjoy. Shibuya is currently redeveloping, and new shops have been opening up one after another. If you go there, you can find the trending fashion, cosmetics, snacks, and souvenirs. I will introduce the best shopping spots.



The LOFT is a large scale variety goods store specializing in stationery goods, cosmetics, and kitchenware. The store is spacious, so you can take a look around. Also, you can buy Japanese gifts like postcards, stickers, and magnets.B1 floor has an abundance of stationery. It has so much to see. Among those goods, Sumo wrestler character stickers are popular with foreigners and face masks made with rice. Great place to find souvenirs.

Location: 21-1 Udagawa-cho,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

5 minutes from JR Shibuya Station

Open hours: 10 AM-9 PM (Due to coronavirus, operating hour is 11 AM-9 PM for the time being)



Tokyu Hands is a general shop, and the one in Shibuya is one of the biggest shops in Tokyo. The building has seven floors above ground and two below. They sell many goods from health and beauty, stationery, housewares, and much more. The shop is well-liked because they are full of made in Japan high-quality items, with stylish design items with excellent functionality. If you go there, you can find creative and useful goods, and always find something new. This shop is packed with many goods and products, so you can spend the entire day.



Location:12-18 Udagawa-cho,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo

7 minutes from JR Shibuya Station

Open Hour: 10 AM-9 PM (Due to coronavirus, operating hour is 10 AM-8 PM for the time being)

MEGA Don Quijote Shibuya Honten


This is a discount store where you can buy snacks, alcohol, souvenirs, cosmetics, and clothing at affordable prices. Don Quijote stores are located all over Japan, but this store is bigger than usual, and it stocks souvenirs specific to Shibuya. Also, they are open 24 hours, so you can visit whenever you want. Almost all items can be purchased tax- free.

Location: 28-6 Udagawa-cho Shibuya-ku Tokyo, JAPAN, 150-0042

5 minutes from JR Shibuya station

Business Hour : 24 hours