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Animal cafes in Shibuya

An animal cafe is a cafe where you can touch and play with animals while having a drink. There are many types of animal cafes in Japan, especially in Shibuya. At first, there was only a cat cafe, but then it gradually increased. Now there are many types of animal cafes like dogs, hedgehogs, rabbits, and even reptile cafes. If you like animals or you want to buy an animal but you can’t own one I recommend going to one to be relaxed and calmed.

Cat Cafe

Tokyo’s first cat cafe opened in 2005, and the number of cat cafes has exploded since then. Cat cafe is quieter than any other animal cafe because many of them are sleeping. Some cats play with toys. They are fickle but adorable.


Dog Cafe


When you visit a dog cafe, you can meet many types of dogs at the same time. They are friendly, so they come to play. Some dog cafes let us take the dog for a walk around Yoyogi park. There are friendly golden retrievers, energetic beagles, and affectionate poodles in this cafe. The staff often clean cafes, so you stay in a clean and comfortable room. The second floor is a dog cafe, and the third floor is an otter and meerkat. I never get tired of this pace.


Shop: DOG HEART from Aquamarine

Location: Y’s park bilding2F 1-45-2,Tomigaya,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo

Open hours: 11:00am-7:00pm

Price: adult ¥1200/30min child ¥950

Owl cafe

Owls are active at night, so you will see them sleeping. There are small to large owls at the cafe. Some owl cafes allow you to rest the owl on your arm and shoulder. Owls are known to bring happiness in Japan, but we can’t usually see them. Why don’t you have a visit when you come to Japan. There are seven owls and different types of personalities in this cafe. The owls think that they are people, and they don’t seem to realize they are owls. So it is easy to become friends with them. Also, this cafe serves authentic drip coffee and beverages, so you can go there at any time to relax.



Location: 10-16, Shinsen-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 10 minutes walk from JR Shibuya station

Open hours: weekday 3pm-11pm/ weekend 12pm-11pm

Price: ¥1500/30min include 1 drink

Reptile cafe

They're attractive because of their expressive face, slow movement, and the way they eat. But one drawback is that they usually eat insects, so it's a difficult choice. You can also feed them at cafes, so if you enjoy these activities, it's going to be a delightful experience.


Snake cafe

Tokyo Snake Center is the first snake cafe in Japan. The cafe is always a popular spot, and they have had many interviews. Snakes have an image of being poisonous, but this cafe is full of gentle snakes that rarely bite. The snake's eyes and skin patterns are beautiful, and there's a variety of different colored snakes. You can choose one snake in a transparent box for your company at the table. Those are smaller snakes and you can only watch and take pictures. If you want to touch snakes, you pick one and staff will let you hold it with extra ¥550. You could even have a snake wind around your neck. While you hold a snake and when they stick out their tiny tongue, it tickles your arm. It feels totally different from dogs or cats licking you. But it’s really cute. If you want to have your own, they give advice, and they sell many essential items. Also, there are pet hotels for just snakes.



Shop: Tokyo Snake Center

Location: Sampou Sougo bilding 8F 6-5-6, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 5 minutes from JR Harajuku station

Open hour:11:00am-8:00pm  closed on Tuesday

Price: ¥1100 with one drink