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Hachico Statue

Aug 8, 2020

<h2>Hachiko Statue</h2> <p>Hachiko statue is one of the most popular meeting spots in Tokyo, and many people still take pictures with Hachiko to this day. Hachiko Story is still very famous to this day. Hachiko, the dog, was born in 1923 and was later adopted by professor Hidesaburo Ueno at the University of Tokyo. Professor Ueno loved him, and he used to take him to Shibuya station on the way to work. Hachiko picked him up at the station after work, then went home together. This routine continued for years. But suddenly, professor Ueno had passed away from a brain hemorrhage. Hachiko expected him to come back, and he waited for him for over nine years. The reason why Hachiko is known as a symbol of loyalty comes from this story. Hachiko's story became a legend, and a small statue got erected in front of Shibuya Station in 1934. The Hachiko story got adapted into two movies. The first one, getting released in 1987, and the second one in 2009, an American remake with Richard Gere.</p> <p>It is located right in front of the Hachiko Exit, which was named after him as well.</p> <p>Hours: Open all-day</p> <p><img src="" alt="text"></p> <p>Hachiko is an Akita breed, which is from Akita prefecture, Japan. The dog is known for its fluffy fur, adorable looks, and loyal personality. Akita dog is also a designated natural monument of Japan. Before the Hachiko story, the Akita breed was famous as hunting dogs. The ”Hachiko Story” spread around in the newspaper. A movie about Hachi released in 2009 and garnered attention internationally. Recently, Russian figure skater Alina Zagitova got a gift Akita puppy and became a topic of conversation.</p> <h2>Hachiko is loved by Shibuya</h2> <p>Hachiko is still beloved as the symbol of Shibuya. There are many goods and spots, which are associated with Hachi around Shibuya Station.</p> <p><img src="" alt="text"></p> <p>When you go to the Shibuya station shopping street, called Shibu Chika Shopping Road, you will find cute Hachiko’s paw print. The paw print indicates the way to the Hachiko Statue exit.</p> <p>location: Shibu Chika Shopping Road JR Shibuya Station A8 exit</p> <p><img src="" alt="text"> You can see Hachiko goods at department stores and a variety of shops around Shibuya. Our tourist information center, Wander Compass Shibuya (WCS) have souvenirs as well. There are pin badges and key holders. These are popular for Japanese and tourists. If you are interested, go and have a look anytime.</p>

Shibuya Crossing

Aug 8, 2020

<h2>Best spot to look at Shibuya crossing</h2> <p>Shibuya crossing is one of the symbols of Tokyo. It’s used as a stage for many movies and animation. It’s a must-see when you visit Tokyo. You will be amazed by the size of the crowd and how they manage not bumping into each other. It feels like looking into a kaleidoscope.</p> <p><strong>①Crossing View</strong> Located at the rooftop of a shopping building Magnet by Shibuya 109, you can look down the crossing. The building is 7 stories tall, which is just the right height to view the crossing. If you want to take a great picture of the crossing, Crossing View is the best spot. The admission is ¥600, but it’s worth it. If you pay an extra ¥1000, you can take Crossing Photo by the camera at the deck.</p> <p><img src="" alt="text"></p> <blockquote> <p>Opening hours: 12:00-16:30 (8/3 Mon.~) Admission fee: ¥600 This opening hours might be changed on short notice due to COVID-19. Please check the official website of MAGNET by 109 for more information.</p> </blockquote> <p><strong>②Shibuya SKY</strong> This is the newest open-air observatory in Shibuya. It’s 229m high and has a beautiful panoramic view both day and night. The admission is ¥2000. There are many observatories in Tokyo, such as Tokyo City View in Roppongi, Tokyo Tower, or Sky tree. I’ve been to all those places, but Shibuya SKY is the best one. Since the building is so tall, everything looks small, but the view is gorgeous, and you can see how the crossing blends in the city. If you want to see not only the crossing but as the whole Shibuya, you can get the best view in Tokyo from Shibuya SKY.</p> <p><img src="" alt="text">                              画像提供元:渋谷スクランブルスクエア                                 ©SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE</p> <p><img src="" alt="text">                              画像提供元:渋谷スクランブルスクエア                                ©SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE</p> <p><img src="" alt="text">                              画像提供元:渋谷スクランブルスクエア                                ©SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE</p> <blockquote> <p>Opening hours: 9:00am-11:00pm (last entry 10:00pm)</p> </blockquote> <blockquote> <p>Adult:¥2000 Junior high school/high school students:¥1600 Elementary school students:¥1000 Young children (3 and 5 years old):¥600 Infants (0 to 2 years old):Free</p> </blockquote> <p><strong>③Inokashira Line Hallway</strong> This hallway connects the 2nd floor of JR station to the 2nd floor of Keio Inokashira station. It's one of the most famous photo spots for the crossing. It's not as close as Crossing View, but there are always people standing by the window and taking pictures. The best thing about it is that it’s free.</p> <p><img src="" alt="text"></p>


Aug 8, 2020

<h2>Differences of Tokyo from other cities</h2> <p>Most tourists who visit Japan not only visit Tokyo but also other areas such as Osaka, Kyoto, or Kyushu. So we would like to introduce how Tokyo is different from other cities. First of all, Tokyo has several distinct areas and each known for its distinct atmosphere, feature, and culture. You should know that it takes days to experience and enjoy every detail of each area in Tokyo. One day or two days in Tokyo won't be enough. Compared to the Kansai or Kyushu area, Tokyo doesn't have much famous local food such as Okonomiyaki or Takoyaki for Kansai or Motsunabe (hotpot) in Kyushu. But that’s because Tokyo has everything. Every delicious food, famous cafes, restaurants, clothing brand, or any shops gather in Tokyo from all around Japan, and even from overseas. If you like animals, there are cat, owl or even hedgehog cafes. If you are obsessed with Instagram, there are tons of insta-worthy spots, food, and cafes. Trend changes so fast that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends. But that’s one of the reasons you should visit Tokyo more than once. Tokyo probably doesn’t feel the same as once you visited before. As mentioned above, there are many different types of neighborhoods in Tokyo. So here is small advice. When you visit somewhere just because it's famous, you might not know what to do once you get there. So we advise you to do some research and make a plan in advance, or visit us.</p> <p><img src="" alt="text"></p> <h2>What kind of city is Shibuya?</h2> <p>Shibuya is one of the busiest cities in the world. More than 50 million people visit there each day. It has always been a hot spot for tourists.Shibuya is an iconic center of Japanese youth culture, so when you come to Shibuya, you will be able to see the latest trend in fashion, food, music, and culture. The most famous spot is the Shibuya crossing, and it's the busiest intersection in the world. It is worth to visiting once.</p> <p>Shibuya is now known as one of the most popular Halloween destinations, even though there are no Halloween events. People just started to coming to Shibuya during Halloween wearing costume and wandering around while enjoying seeing others costumes. The Shibuya crossing gets closed and it becomes a pedestrian zone on October 31 and police officers stand for crowd control. Shibuya Halloween is getting less crazier year by year. But it’s still a big event. Watching people’s costumes tells you a lot about the trend of the year, especially what characters in movies or manga was popular in the year. If you are interested in seeing Japanese cosplay or want to experience the craziest time of Shibuya, this would be your best opportunity.</p> <p><img src="" alt="text"></p>


Oct 19, 2018

A new tourist hub, Wander Compass Shibuya, is opening on the 19th of October at B1 floor of Shibuya Station. Here our friendly staff will recommend tours and even plan with/for you on your demand.In addition to the tour arrangement service, we provide a baggage storage service, guide service, and more useful services at your convenience.The staff is all locals in Tokyo and knows the popular attractions and local spots you won't have known without visiting here. Visit us at Wander Compass Shibuya. It just makes your trip better.


Oct 19, 2018

Wander Compass Shibuya was named to represent a hub for travelers and locals. We open this place in a hope of always being a place for everyone to come and wander around together. As an appreciation for your visit to its very beginning Wander Compass, we have a small gift for you.1. Wander Compass Original Silicon Band2. Wander Compass Original Button Badge* Please choose one of these

Wear our novelties to receive special presents and discounts!

Oct 19, 2018

Wear one of these novelties (a silicon band or can badge) that you can receive at WANDER COMPASS, and receive special presents and discounts at various participating shops, restaurants, and facilities around Shibuya.<hr><span class='text-strong'>SHIBUYA 109</span>Original Clear Folder or Original Toothbrush (By January 1st, 2019)<span class='text-strong text-gray'>Pickup location:</span>Information Center on the 1st floor<span class='text-strong text-gray'>HP:</span><a href='' target='blank'></a><hr><span class='text-strong'>Tokyu Department Store</span>Coupon that offers 5% discount on orders of 3,240 yen \<tax included> and more<span class='text-gray text-strong'>Pickup location:</span>Information Center in TOYOKO West Wing on the 5th floor / Information Center in HONTEN on the 1st floor / Duty-free Counter in SHIBUYA Hikarie ShinQs on the 3rd basement floor<span class='text-strong text-gray'>HP:</span><a href=''></a><hr><span class='text-strong'>SHIBUYA TOKYU REI HOTEL</span>・Offering 1free drink for guests dining at the restaurants・A late-checkout undl 12pm is free of charge for staying guests <span class='text-strong text-gray'>Restaurants’ HP:</span><a href='' target='blank'></a><hr><span class='text-strong'>Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel</span>Free use of a fitness support facility in the hotel for whom staying<span class='text-gray text-strong'>HP:</span><a href='' target='blank'></a><hr></br><span class='text-strong'>The Gotoh Museum</span>Discount on the admission fee (By the end of March 2019)<span class='text-strong text-gray'>HP:</span><a href='' target='blank'></a><hr><span class='text-strong'>THE THEATRE TABLE</span>10% discount on your bill(By March 31st, 2019)<span class='text-strong text-gray'>HP:</span><a href=''target='blank'></a><hr><span class='text-strong'>SHIBUYA EXCEL HOTEL TOKYU</span>・Offering 1free drink for guests dining at the restaurants・A late-checkout undl 12pm is free of charge for staying guests<span class='text-strong text-gray'>HP:</span><a href='' target='blank'></a>



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